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Latest Warm Tribute Online Memorial Article

Bereavement Counselling: Is it Right For You?

This isn't an easy article to write, simply because it's pretty personal. But I've learned that in order to help others who are coping with the loss of a loved one, I need to be more open. So, with that, I want to admit that a few months after my brother, Eddie Au, had passed I decided to seek some counseling. Now, I wasn't at a stage of severe depression nor feeling like I was losing my mind. What I was feeling, with no better way to put it was, cloudy. I noticed I would want to sleep mo... read entire article »

Warm Tribute Online Memorial's Mission

The purpose of this site is to setup a place of remembrance for all of our loved ones that have passed away. By doing so we make it possible for them to continue living, not only in our hearts, but online as well. I hope this site can bring you and your members some solace for the loss. You should create a FREE tribute for your loved one now by clicking here.

This site is dedicated to my brother Eddie Au who passed away in late November 2005.

Recent Entries

  • Another year has passed

    in Mandy by Mary Beth Origliosso

    Another year has passed. I cannot believe it has been 9 years today. I still think of you often.

  • 9 years ago

    in Mandy by Mary Beth Origliosso

    Mandy, I am thinking of you today. Life continues to go on, I often wonder how things would be if you were still here. I... read more »

  • Journal Entry

    in Mybeautifulwife by Steve Mattson

    Lisa, I can't believe we were married 28 years ago. It was a true joy to have you become the best part of my life. I mi... read more »

  • Gone for 7 years

    in Mybeautifulwife by Steve Mattson

    Lisa, today marks 7 years since you were welcomed into your Heavenly home. Loneliness is an ever present reminder of t... read more »

  • Memories

    in Visionary by Saatyaki S/o Seshendra Sharma

    kinige.com/tag/Shodasi 2019 is a Landmark in the journey of father's wrtings towards wider spread and outreach. Today ... read more »

  • Memories

    in Mandy by Mary Beth Origliosso

    8 years you have been gone! I cannot believe its been that long. Your smile is ever present in my memories. I miss you ... read more »

  • Christmas 2018

    in Mybeautifulwife by Steve Mattson

    It's your favorite time of year again Lisa! Christmas always made you very happy. I know it's extra special now for you.... read more »

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